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Friday, 24 July 2015

REAL MOUNTIE is for sale (224,900$ USD or best offer) effective from July 7 until August 1, 2017 with all equipment, tools and inventory on board. Ready to cruise!

After 8 years of happy boating, Lise and I have decided to sell REAL MOUNTIE.

"If you are thinking about a special boat to travel in or whatever you want....that has it all...
                  This is the one! You owe it to yourself to check this one out!"

What an incredible "one of a kind" condition loved and exquisitely cared for vessel it is!

If you have gone to look at boats and seen how "tired" they are, you can only imagine what was not cared or that you don't see! 

REAL MOUNTIE is that special boat you have been looking for.

This boat will choose YOU if you are the right new owners as it did for the last 5 owners since 1986.

Ready for the Great Lakes, Great Loop, Bahamas, Coastal and In-land waterways, LIVEABOARD as the Draft is 3 feet 6 inches.

Great retirement alternative as a Boataminium or Cottage on the water with different beautiful sceneries!

There is a very nostalgic look to this design. This boat is live-aboard friendly with its layout for those who appreciate certain comforts on a vessel which has a walk-around main deck for safety.

Non comparable with other trawlers (Swift Trawler, Mainship, American Tug, Nordic Tug, Krogen, Lord Nelson Victory Tug).

You can compare only with the other beautiful and unique forty (40) Pilgrim 40  that were constructed with different options :

For over 35 years, the Gozzard family has been designing and building yachts specifically for the 'live aboard' needs of the cruising couple. Their innovative interiors and uncompromising approach to comfort and safety has resulted in the construction of some of the finest cruising boats ever crafted.

They combined timeless beautiful and state of the art systems to make yachts that will take you any place you can imagine - in the style and luxury you are accustomed to a Classic Motor yacht:

As to why you may buy a used pleasure vessel, here is a quote that is originally Posted by Klee Wyck on Trawler Forum:

"My perspective: Simply put, quality and simplicity of design and materials are timeless if the caretaker holds up his end of the deal. Care is likely more about discipline than money though plenty of both are involved."

"While I do not hold credentials as a long time big boater, I have owned and operated significant fleets of equipment on land and my experience there has been reflected on water so far and is also reflected in my choice of the two large boats I have purchased. Robust quality of build materials and design in the original build stands the test of time and use consistently."

"I run some very modern, very complex, and very expensive equipment with lots of electronics and no linkages and it is fun to run and impressive when it does." 

"Often, it is not as long on reliability and longevity as some of the late 70s and eighties Caterpillar construction equipment that has logged over 25000 hours in some cases with original frame, block, and much of the auxiliaries."

"With the way that the vast majority of us boat, I think there is almost no risk of "using up" a high quality boat if we take decent care of it no matter how old it is."

"Some of the modern marvels, perhaps not so much in my view. Though I may not feel that good about it, I expect I could "afford" either."

"I expect both of the thirty year old boats that I own to outlive what remains of my boating years and though I won't give a care about it when my body temperature makes its final descent, my guess is they will still be worth what they are now if I do my part in the meantime." 

"Some parts of boats are 'consumable'. That is as true of new boats as it is of old boats. The more of this 'stuff' that you have, the more you need to work on or replace."

"You may get a honeymoon with a new boat but the consumption is still occurring and the hourly or daily cost is the same."      UnQuote

I agree with Mr Klee Wyck's perspective to a complete extent!

My perspective is that " Waste cost more than QUALITY!"

This is why we have a predictive maintenance program in place to ensure that each piece of equipment on our Pilgrim 40 requiring maintenance is replaced or repaired right before imminent failure.

Note: This boat has been in fresh water since fall 2012 and maintenance has been well taken care of.

Over 33,000$ were spent in maintenance and upgrades.
(Prices indicated below Do NOT include time and yard labor costs approx. 100$ per hour)

Maintenance log books since 2007 are available:
15Db Antenna & Onboard Wi-Fi System (424$)
Replaced Holding tank (800$)
Installed Book case and file cabinet (675$)
Installed Reverse cycle Air Conditioning 16000 BTU (2,500$)
Replaced Bow Thruster with Vetus 6.4 HP (3,500$)
Purchased all Charts and Ecards for Great circle (1400$)
Installed 6 feet Dock Box on upper deck (700$)
Installed SHARP flat screen TV/DVD with Bose speakers (700$)
Replaced Dinghy Brigg (2500$)
Installed fender holders (350$)
Replaced Garmin antenna(150$)
Spare 105 Amps Alternator (308$)
Installed HD KVH M3 Satellite system (4,500$)
Installed HD converter and unstacked converter (500$)
Installed 19 inches HD TV/DVD (525$)
Installed boarding ladder on Port side (200$)
Purchased 2 wicker chairs for veranda (110$)
Purchased one wicker table for saloon (100$)
Installed new water pump to Generator (160$)
Replaced Chain Stripper on Simpson Lawrence winlass (48$)
Replaced Hot water tank (675$)
Replaced AC power Inlet (86$)
Installed Galvanic Isolator (115$)
Replaced AC 25 feet Cable (47$)
Installed 30 Dridek Tiles under master bedroom mattress (220$)
Replaced all Battery Banks 1x8D, 2xSRM27, 4 GC-2 (1,271$)
Installed small whistle 4 pipes (100$)
Installed battery banks monitor LinkPro XANTREX (300$)
Installed 2 DC power outlets (Pilothouse and Master bedroom) ($24)
Replaced spare pump-out adaptor 1 ¼'' (38$)
Replaced Veranda canvas screens (160$)
Replaced Dual-horns (160$)
Upgraded with 55 lbs ROCNA anchor (760$)
Replaced 2 Turn-buckles for Kong (186$) and wichard shackle (88$)
Upgraded Anchor light switch with Auto-photoswitch (115$)
Installed Rada deflector, 3 Sola Pannels and Morning Star controller (2,200$)
Replaced Vacuflush seat cover, bowl seal kit, flushball and shaft (235$)
Replaced potable water pump (130$)
Replaced Veranda AC ground fault plug (45$)
Installed TV HD Antenna for local stations (178$)
Installed Ice making machine (161$)
Purchased spare air filters and encaps + clamps for generator (161$)
Installed new isolaton for pipe NOVAKOOL refrigerator (160$)
Replaced WEBASTO bearing kit, flame detect, nozzle, motor, fuel pump (1098$)
Changed all anodes for Magnesium (200$)
Purchased Taft Rail curtains (475$)
Replaced 2 x 58 gallons water tanks on starboard side (1700$)
Purchased spare wet exhaust elbow for generator (316$)
Replaced Groco water pump pressure switch for cleaning anchor (95$)
Replaced WEBASTO electronic control unit (454$)
Replaced hydronic system circulation pump motor (344$)
2015 Replaced Pilothouse Compass (217$)
2015 Replaced Bow stem protective strike plate 3/16'' X ¾'' (418$)
2015 Replaced both Diesel tanks (1522$)
2015 Replaced both Diesel hoses (216$)
2015 Replaced both Diesel Stainless deck fills (75$)
2015 Replaced Vacuflush Belows (134$)
2015 Replaced Vacuflush pressure activated switch (184$)
2015 Purchased Pump-out universal rubber nozzle (61$)
2015 Replaced 2 spare alternator belts (32$)
2015 Replaced Engine room blower with Turbo inline blower (32$)
2015 Installed Gaz spring cylinders on hatches (engine room, generator, veranda) (250$)
2015 Durabak non-slip paint on high risk area on walk around (100$)
2016 Replaced 1 x 58 gallons water tanks on Port side (800$)
2016 Improved the rigging Mast lowering system and support (125$)
2016 Re-enforce the Radar platform for the Mast rigging lowering system (150$)
2016 Restiched the Veranda Sunbrella pannels (200$)
2016 Painted the underside of the walk around (50$)
2016 Varnish woodworks and ramps with Bristol Urethane (200$)
2016 Replaced Drain Kit for RACOR Turbine Model Series Model 500FG (35$)
2016 Painted BottomShield Antifouling with CCT, (Composite Copper Technology) (175$)
2016 Replaced Anchor light for Dr LED White Polar Star 40 (60$)
2016 Repainted the boot stripe with Polyurethane Paint, Fire Red (75$)
2016 Inspected 58 gallons Holding tank and added Neoprene spacers (50$)
2016 Replaced Radiant plate and burner of Magma  (85$)
2016 Added three permanent CAFRAMO three speed touch control 12vdc Fans (250$)
2016 Replaced Vetus Type 150 sea strainer (50$)

This fine 40 feet Canadian vessel was first created by H. (Ted) Gozzard, the designer, on a place mat in a Peterborough, Ontario restaurant. The concept was created for a friend, as an ideal boat to use on the Canal and Inter-coastal waterways for nothing more than by going slow and a sight seeing vessel for two, with occasional guests.

The boats themselves were created and built at North Castle Marine Ltd in Goderich Ontario in the year 1982, and just fewer than 41 were built in total.

Average Diesel Fuel consumption :One and a half approx. US Gallon per hour @ 7 mile per hour (1625 rpm) Approx. FIVE HUNDRED (500) statutes miles autonomy.

When in good condition, this vessel is cheaper than an similar dimension vessel on the market.

You cannot construct an equivalent quality vessel at this price today.

The interior construction of this vessel is the pride of cabinet maker. This quality would be prohibitive cost at today inflation price. In fact, Ted  Gozzard declared to the previous owner Jim Elliott during a visit at NorthCastle Marine, that he lost more than $50,000.00 Cdn when he sold Hull number 41 in 1989. Here is an example for a Pilgrim 40 sold on January 15 1987 at Annapolis, MD for a delivery in May 1987, one US $ was 1.3615$ Cdn. The basic retail cost of a Pilgrim 40 was 187,575.00$ USD and optional equipment was $33,820.00$ USD for a grand total of 221,395$ USD.

Please check What cost $221,395.00 in 1986 would cost $491,269.84 in 2016.
The pre-1975 data are the Consumer Price Index statistics from Historical Statistics of the United States (USGPO, 1975). All data since then are from the annual Statistical Abstracts of the United States.

In 2016, this 1986 Pilgrim 40 will be considered in Florida state as being eligible for registration as an "antique vessel", being a 30 year old boat.Section 328.72(2)(a), Florida Statutes, provides for antique vessels to be exempt from the annual base registration fee.  Upon receipt  of this certification form, which must be completed by the owner or a licensed marine surveyor, the county can issue a registration certifying the exempt status.

Source: - dmv - forms - btr - 87243.pdf

TYPE: Displacement hull with keel hung rudder.
MATERIAL: Molded FRP (fiber reinforced plastic)
EXTERIOR HULL: Awlgrip Cream with red boot top and black PVC rubrail.
PORTLIGHTS: Three (3) ABI bronze opening ports with toughened glass and screens.
BULKHEADS: Athwartships reinforcement enhanced by main and partial bulkheads bonded to the hull with FRP (fiber reinforced plastic) tabbing.
STRINGERS: Hull stiffness provided by FRP longitudinal stringers.
STEM: Straight plumb stem with stainless steel strike rail and dual anchor roller system.
STERN: Reinforced, FRP fan-tail type rounded stern with transom seat with two hatches for stowage.
cushions. FRP lazerette hatch 33.5" x 33.5" with gutter system centerline on quarter deck. Stowable weather deck wing doors port and starboard.

Northern Lights 5 kw - 120 - 240 VAC generator driven by a 3 cylinder, diesel powered internal
combustion engine. Model #: TF - 3 18B. Serial #: GU 5547. Mounted with sound shield centerline, forward in the
generator space.


You may contact us at :
J. R. Normand Vallée, Master
Phone in Canada: 1-450-919-0630

No Broker please.